I’m from India, Bangalore.  Married and have a teenage son. I love all kinds of mediums in my work.  I love the process of creation and have been creating things since childhood – handmade, paintings, colours always attract me. I love to keep creating even on short travel and have a small art bag carried everywhere when traveling. I love making my own flowers for my projects. I initially started making cards and slowly moved on making many paper craft creations like albums, tags, DIY, and slowly it was mixed media which caught my attention and as a self-taught mixed media person I love to play with colours, textures, mediums and create lovely creations. It’s here you get more freedom to use even the smallest thing in your stash which is just lying in your box……so I love to put in all the stuff and create a magic. I love the colours on my messy hands….LOL!!  I draw inspiration from anything anywhere and would just sit and create…..that’s all is shown in my work. I’m happy to be on this team with such talented ladies around!!

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