Three Marker Challenge

Well, I went ahead and gifted myself with some copic markers ^_^ And now I am busy – trying – to figure them out! So I have been looking for some fun ways to get some use out of my markers and just play.

I found the three marker challenge on youtube – not sure who “invented” this challenge but if you do a search for three marker challenge you will find a TONNE of them!

I came across the challenge while watching DrawingWiffWaffles, whom I am having a bit of a love affair with … well her videos at least! Be sure to check her out, she’s awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

So the premise is … you close your eyes and pick three colours, then create with them. The rules seem pretty fluid after this … you can draw the image before or after you choose your colours. Depending on the video I watched you can or can not use liners and white gel pens.

For the purpose of my challenge I really didn’t care what I coloured since I just wanted to practice with the copics. So I grabbed my sketch book and did a quick sketch of a mermaid in the upper corner – hence the hair cut off *lol* I also couldn’t decide on anything else after I did her face so I pretty much copped out on everything in this sketch – don’t judge me too harshly! It wasn’t about the sketch anyway and I only had a small window of time to play! What I do know now … paper really does make the masterpiece. This was a quick sketch and colour but I could feel the difference as I coloured and definitely would have done better on my copic paper – it’s just so dang expensive for a quick doodle!

So, whether I should or not I did a super quick sketch before I chose my colours. I put all of my markers into a bag and chose at random. Because of the type of challenge, and since there were really no set rules besides the three colours – I took out the blender, and my black marker. Then I chose these …

BG45 – Nile Blue, E15 – Dark Suntan, and V09 – Violet

I thought myself pretty lucky that I picked the colours I did. Although they were all similar in shade and tone they weren’t so out of the realm of believable that I couldn’t make it work. It actually turned out way too easy really. Though maybe I just copped out on that as well and didn’t use my imagination as much as I should have! I chose E15 for the hair because it was brown -duh easy choice.

Then being a mermaid I thought why not use the blue for the skin tone … why not indeed. I tried to use the blue as just the shadow of the skin and then kind of taper it off I guess and then leave the rest white so it wasn’t so BLUE – but the paper made it almost impossible to do any real kind of blending. I used the purple as the “seashells” then added a star in her hair to literally add more purple because it didn’t seem like a lot.

I tried my best to play around with some blending – putting the blue streaks in the hair – using the purple on the lips and using it for shading in the skin and water. I could see how it worked and if it was wet enough I could get something like what I wanted but it really did come down to the paper and it just wouldn’t work. I will say my colouring has gotten a lot better since I did this first image some time ago now – and I wasn’t going to even share it here but I thought why not – this way at least I can see how far I’ve come ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you done the challenge? Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to see your results – and who knows maybe in the future I will show off more of my own stuff!

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