Pretty in Pink with Dawn

Hi folks!

We’re here with Dawn today and she is showing off this super pink and totally cute card she made using the Daphine Flower Fairy ^_^

This may be just a note … but she has lots of great things going on with this card making the whole thing just lovely! Have a mentioned pink is my favourite colour? I really do love every shade of pink she has used here, although there is a lot of pink on pink every shade works perfectly with the next! The papers create a nice layered look and the small embellishments bring it all together.

The pearls on the corners are great, and Dawn topped the whole thing off with a bow – absolutely perfect! If you want to check out more about this card as well as her other designs you can take a look here.

If you’d like to try your hand out with Daphine yourself, you can grab her below!


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