Mommy and Me with Andrea

Hi all!

This post is a little sad but also super cute!

Let’s deal with the cute part first … this card is created by Andrea, a wonderful lady and designer and a star in her own right! She created a sweet card featuring the Scribble Sally doll, Mommy and Me stamp, and has turned it into a real cute creation.

I love the vibrant yellow star that the mom and daughter are standing against and the retro flower pattern inside is groovy indeed! As always the stamp is really showcased well in Andrea’s work and I just love how she added the saying ‘with love’

Check out this card at her blog to find out more.

If you would like to create a project using the Scribble Sally Mommy and Me stamp you can grab it below!

The sad part … this will be Andrea’s last post as a SND designer, of course she is always welcome to return, but until then how about we check out some of her past lovely creations!

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