Dress Up Donna with Alexandra

Happy November all!

I can’t believe it’s already November of 2016! Seems like just yesterday I was playing dress up with my niece and being forced into a pair of fairy wings – much too small for me!

Anywho … back to the present we’re checking in with Alexandra and she is using the Donna dress up stamp!


Alexandra did exactly what I hoped would happen with the dress up Donna stamp … she gave her some bling! I also love the button touch, I love cards with the 3-D aspect!

I also love the matt tan background paired with the shimmery forefront of her glitter and sparkles. It really helps to bring the image to your attention and pairs so well with the purples!

Run on over to Alexandra’s blog and take a closer look at this and her other projects.

If you’d like to create your own card with Dress Up Donna you can snag her below!


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