Frog Pond with Christine

Christine is back with another arrangement!

This is just adorable, I think these frogs are adorable but this set is just SO froggy I can’t help but LOVE IT!


I’m really not sure how she could fit this many frogs into one basket but Christine did it! I loved that she took the image and added the little googly eyes to the frog, it just looks SO sweet 😀 Her colouring is of course beautiful, even including little speckles on the frogs. The gradient on the flowers looks amazing, and the whole thing screams SPRING!


Just beautiful, be sure to check in at Christine’s blog and find out more about this lovely arrangement!

If you’d like to use this sweet little frog to create your own project you can grab it below!


For TODAY ONLY this little stamp will be 25% OFF, just use the coupon: ChristineFrog

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